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Strict requirements for Access suspended platformconstruction
Jan 22, 2019

The Access suspended platformplays a major role in today's development industry. Its use has brought great help to human beings. It has become an indispensable tool in the construction industry of large and medium-sized cities. The ideological and cognitive aspects are a big improvement. Because of this, there are strict requirements on the structure, technology and process of the electric basket.


The Access suspended platformshould be designed and calculated and should be made of steel and steel pipes. The joints should be welded or bolted. It should not be assembled with steel pipes and fasteners; the width of the Access suspended platformshould be 0.8-1.0m and the length should not exceed 6m. When the bottom plate is made of wood, the thickness shall not be less than 50mm; when the steel plate is used, it shall have an anti-slip structure.


Protective railings shall be provided around the lifting basket. The height of the railings on the side of the building shall not be less than 0.8m, and the height of the other side railings shall not be less than 1.2m. The bottom of the railing shall be provided with a 180mm high footrest. The top of the Access suspended platformshall be provided with a head shed, and the outer and both ends shall be sealed with a safety net. The Access suspended platformshould be provided with a fixed lifting ring, the position of which should not be less than 800mm from the bottom; the platform should indicate the maximum use load (number of people) and precautions in obvious

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