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Structural design and installation characteristics of the aluminum suspended platform
Dec 03, 2018

The rope collecting device of the aluminum suspended platform is mainly composed of a main body frame, a sub-frame attached to the upper end of the main body frame, and a plurality of parts such as a rope collecting device fixed in the main body frame. The upper end of the sub-frame is mounted with a hanging piece connected to the aluminum suspended platform, and the hanging piece is connected to the sub-frame by bolts. The rope collecting device includes an electric motor fixed to the main body frame by the motor seat, an axle fixed in the middle of the main body frame by the bearing seat, and mounted two reels on the axle of the auxiliary shaft frame.


The aluminum suspended platform has a friction plate and a pressure plate on both sides of the rope wheel. The center of the rope wheel is provided with a sleeve. The two pulleys are provided with a pressure bearing in the middle. The two pulleys can be rotated separately, and the outside of the pressure plate is installed. There is a pressure spring and an adjustment nut, and the motor drives the axle through the gear set.


The upper end of the main frame of the aluminum suspended platform rope collecting device is provided with guiding means. The guiding device is composed of a supporting base and two guiding rope wheels fixed on the supporting base. The supporting seat is provided with a guiding rope shaft, and the guiding rope wheel is mounted on the guiding rope The rope shaft can move left and right on the rope guide shaft. The reel wheel is driven by the friction plate and the pressure plate, which can precisely adjust the tightening force of the reel wheel. The hanging pieces and bolts on the sub-frame can adjust the installation distance between the main frame and the electric basket.


During the operation of the aluminum suspended platform, the non-stressed suspension wire rope under the basket can be synchronously wound to avoid the unsightly caused by the natural sagging of the wire rope and the entanglement and knotting of the wire rope, which prolongs the service life of the wire rope.

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