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Summary of hanging basket suspension platform
Sep 25, 2017

Hanging basket is through set up on the top of suspension mechanism, building with steel wire rope hanging along the building, depending on the motor driven as a platform to move up and down a hanging load aerial work equipment, belonging to the Chang Shexing hanging basket.
The main purpose of the hanging basket is:
1. Installation of exterior wall construction and decoration or curtain wall and external wall components of high-rise buildings.
2. External wall maintenance, maintenance and cleaning of high-rise buildings.
3. Large scale projects such as large tanks, DAMS, Bridges, well frame construction, inspection and maintenance.
4. Welding, cleaning and painting of large ship rust.
5. Installation of high altitude billboards
Electric basket is a substitute for the traditional scaffolding, can reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, and can be repeated use of a new type of high operating equipment, has been in the high-rise building's exterior wall coating, curtain wall installation, maintenance cleaning is widely used in high homework, such as the construction cost was only 30% of traditional scaffolding.
The main features
1. Simple operation, easy installation and quick 2. Multiple safety measures to ensure the safety and reliability of the basket
3. All structures are hot dip galvanizing and spray paint for user selection
4. Unique design and manufacturing process ensure long service life and reliable performance
Special lifting basket for elevator shaft installation; Granary, coal well security check - proof hanging basket; Lifting up and down of high rise tower crane; The welding and decoration of shipbuilding industry; Hoisting basket for the chimney and boiler maintenance of large tank power plant; Hoisting baskets for maintenance and decoration of DAMS and Bridges; Hanging basket: exterior wall plaster, heat preservation, paint, curtain wall glass installation, cleaning, marble dry hang and so on.

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