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Suspended Platform Hoist
Nov 02, 2018

1. Function: It is the power mechanism for the lifting action and the core part of the suspended work platform, plays the role of deceleration traction, balanced traction, lifting, hoisting and other functions. Installed on the frames at the two ends of the suspended work platform.


2.  Product specifications:


3. Usage:


1, The motor Locked-rotor torque is not less than 180% of the rated torque.


2, should have good stringing performance, don’t get stuck ropes and block ropes.


2. All bare parts of the rotation shall be protected with a hood or guard.


4. The brake should control that the suspended platform with 125% rated loading stops operating within a slip distance of no more than 100 mm.


5, the transmission system is prohibited from using clutch and friction transmission before the sheave.


6. The ratio of the diameter of the sheave to the diameter of the wire rope should not be less than 20.


7. When subjected to the static test load (ie 150% of the rated load), the brake acts for 15 minutes and the slip distance is not more than 10 mm.


8. A manual downhill device must be provided to make the suspension platform descend smoothly during power failure.



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