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Suspended Platform Spare Partst power supply control system and selection of wire rope
Nov 03, 2018

With the continuous increase of buildings, the baskets have emerged, and the scope of application is becoming wider and wider. The power control system is very important as a basket accessory. The power control system should be carried out when the engineering work is carried out. Before use, check whether the power control system is normal, including the overload protection device of the total power control system; the switchboard must meet the specified insulation standards; the electrical components must match the service load and be qualified products approved by the quality inspection department.


Not only that, the sub-item junction box of the power supply control system of the basket accessories is a power connection station that is used more frequently on the construction site, and must have a control circuit for the grid leakage protector approved by the labor management department. The electric lock box or switchboard and the sub-item junction box of the incoming power supply shall be certified by the regular electrical appliance manufacturer, and have obvious power consumption signs and good safety protection. The control of the power supply must be checked and accepted, and the products that meet the power consumption standards and regulations can be put into use.


In addition to detecting the power control system, the choice of the wire rope of the basket accessories is also critical. The first thing to know is the number of strands of the electric wire rope. Generally speaking, if it is a point contact ordinary type; if it is a line contact with the Wolin swallow type; if it is a line contact with the Syl type; if it is a line contact filled type.


The second is the number of wires per strand. The diameter of the wire rope of the basket accessories is generally expressed in units of mm. The nominal tensile strength of steel wire is mainly expressed by N/mm2. The toughness grade of the wire rope is divided into three grades according to the bending resistance of the steel wire, which are graded, grade I and grade II, which are used for different occasions.

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