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Suspension and wire rope type of the suspended platform
Nov 30, 2018

The suspended platform can usually be divided into two types, named a cantilever beam type suspension structure and a parapet wall clamp type suspension structure. All the structural parts of the suspended platform are hot dip galvanized, which has long service life, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance. Special planning and production can satisfy your special requirements.


The cantilever beam suspension structure is suitable for all suspended platforms  and roof structures, and the rear side is equipped with heavy weights; the wire rope rear-mounted planning improves the cantilever stress, the wire rope is safe and convenient, and the height is adjustable; and the daughter wall clamp type The suspension structure is simple, no need to be weighted, the device is convenient, the transportation is convenient, saving labor and expenses,it is mainly suitable for buildings or structural houses with high strength of the daughter wall;


The wire rope in the suspended platform  is usually twisted around a metal core by a number of thin steel wires, and is mainly used as a tensioning cable that does not move. The double-wound rope is twisted into a strand by a steel wire, and then twisted into a rope around the core by the strand, which has better flexibility, is simple to manufacture, and has the widest application. The winding direction of the wire rope is two kinds of winding and intersecting. The wire between the wire ropes is good in contact, the flexibility is also good, and the service life is long; the wire rope that is wound is not easy to be twisted and loose, and is widely used in lifting work.

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