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Suspension Mechanism and Related Emergency Handling Knowledge on U - shaped suspended platform
Jan 18, 2018

Generally speaking,the suspension mechanism on the U-shaped suspended platform is divided into two types, one is the suspension mechanism, and the other is the Parapet Clamp type suspension mechanism. All of components of U-shaped hanging is hot dip galvanized, it is also safe,and easy to maintain a long term application.      

Next,in fact, we should also pay attention to, on the hanging basket on the U-shaped basket, which is applied to all the basket and its roof structure, followed by pressure with counterweights; The steel wire rope is hanging designed,based on this point, it greatly improves the suspension mechanism force situation, steel wire rope retractable is very convenient, but also very safe; Next, the height of its adjustable,front beam extension length is adjustable at 1100mm~1700mm.

View of emergency handling on the U-shaped basket, the first point,when it happens to a sudden power failure, the power switch on the box should be immediately cut off to prevent accident occurs during transmission, close the power switch after receiving the notice of turning on, and re-start work after checking the normal inspection .

When the U-shaped basket will go back to the ground, crucial procedure is slight loading down the double end hoist manually. In the meanwhile, after a power outage, that is, it will make the hanging platform free fall to the ground above.

Regarding to the U-shaped suspended platform in the down or up process,if the safety lock could not work well. Press the red button on the electric control box immediately, ensure the suspension platform emergency stop. Then,it should be noted that it is necessary to cut off the switch on the power supply box, check the conditions on the contactor,move off adhesion grease impurities on the contactor, finally, pushing  contactors by hand will return to normal operation.

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