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Suspension Mechanism Requirements for important parts of window cleaning suspended platform
Oct 26, 2018

The suspension Mechanism is one of the important equipment of window cleaning suspended platform, so any part of the components should be handled carefully.


Since the window cleaning suspended platform is a necessary auxiliary part for workers in the high-altitude operation, safety is fairly important. The number of counterweights in the platform must meet the requirements of safety work. The quality of the counterweight must be very strong, and do not move at random. In order to prevent the window cleaning suspended platform from being arbitrarily changed or destroyed, it is necessary to check compliance according to safety standards before using each time.


The safety lock must be stable, effective, and sensitive to brake, thus further ensure the safety of the window cleaning suspended platform.


Wire rope is a guarantee rope for workers who need to work at high altitude on the window cleaning suspended platform. Therefore, the diameter of the wire rope, the number and spacing of wire rope clamps must be checked carefully according to the instructions to make sure safely use. 


spare parts for suspension mechanism 


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