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Test of electric control box equipment and welding process of cabinet sheet metal
Jun 02, 2018

The electric control box equipment contains one or more low-voltage switchgears and related control, measurement, signal, protection, regulation and other equipment. After that, the electric control box equipment itself will also be assembled together completely with structural components by the manufacturer.


The test of the lectric control box equipment:


During the test of the electric control box equipment, it should be noted that the wiring coilled outside should be protected by appropriate methods, such as hoses, steel pipes, etc., and the wiring should pay attention to following the route where the machine tool coiled outside is not easily damaged. The connection line or power line must also be placed in the bridge. The bridge should be supported by the base, and it must not touch the ground.With regard to the piping coiled outside, it should also be noted that it is necessary to unify the horizontal and vertical.


For the connection of heating equipment such as packaging machines on the electric control box equipment, the wiring cannot be located near the heating part. Wiring is carried out in a connection box with a terminal block. Heater connections use glass, pottery-tube wires, and no flammable wires. All wire connections coiled outside must be made in the connection box. The middle of the wire must not use connectors.


The protection level of all the connection boxes (relay boxes) and the wire entry part which connecting to the electric control box equipment must be above IP55.The same terminal of this relay terminal block is connected with no more than two wires. When you want to connect to more than three wires please set other terminal block. If the sensor wiring is carried out in the vulnerable parts, it should be protected with a hose. The hose should be placed on the root of the sensor as far as possible.


Welding process of electric control cabinets:


For the sheet metal forming process, including the traditional laser cutting blanking, cutting, bending method and process parameters, it is common to refer to cold and includes various stamping die structure and process parameters, various equipment, working principles and the control methods including new stamping techniques and new processes, parts, and sheet metal processing. After these aspects are processed, excellent electronic control cabinets come out.

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