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The basic composition of window cleaning working platform and the erection of its vertical horizontal bars
May 05, 2018

The window cleaning work platform is an assembled platform consisting of front rails, rear rails,base frame , and installion frames. Each part is bolted, and its standard section length is 2.5 meters or 2 meters. Its base frame is welded by steel plates, etc. The bottom plate has anti-skid ripples to ensure the safety of operators.


The installation frame of the window cleaning work platform is made of welded steel pipes, and casters can be installed at the bottom to facilitate disassembly and movement during operation. Its front and rear rails are welded by steel pipes. The height of the front rail is 970mm and it is installed on the side of the work area. The height of the rear rail is 1120mm.


In order to meet the requirements of the window cleaning work platform operating environment, the height of the front and rear beams can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the insert bar, and the height of adjustment is 1.15 to 1.75m; in addition, rollers are provided under the front and rear brackets of the platform, which can be used to move suspension mechanism, the number of counterweights according to the corresponding model configuration.


In addition to the above basic configuration, the window cleaning work platform should also be equipped with a vertical horizontal bar, but this is not free to erect. It requires a vertical horizontal bar to be set inside the vertical bar, and its length should not be less than 3 spans; Lengthening vertical horizontal rods should use docking fasteners, but also can be overlapped.


When the vertical horizontal bars of the window cleaning work platform are butted and overlapped, on the one hand, the distance between each joint to the nearest main contact shall not be greater than 1/3 of the longitudinal distance; on the other hand, the overlapping length shall not be less than 1m. Three rotating fasteners shall be fixed at equal intervals. The distance from the edge of the end fastener cover to the rod end shall not be less than 100mm. In addition, the vertical horizontal bar should be used as a support for the aclinic horizontal bar and fixed to the vertical bar with a right angle fastener.

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