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The coordination between lifting basket and external environment. The installation of front cross member of machine.
Apr 24, 2018

The lifting and lifting basket is a common tool on the construction site, which brings convenience to the engineers and also has certain danger, so the lifting and lifting basket must see the outside environment and the installation of the parts when working. Then, what are the operating conditions of the lifting basket, and how to install the front cross member?

Not in any environment can operate the lifting and lifting basket, the first distance from the high pressure line 10m limits the use of lifting hanging basket, in the thunderstorm, heavy fog, heavy snow and wind speed more than the bad climate of 8.3m/s environment, the same strictly forbidden to lift the basket operation.

Secondly, the ambient temperature of the lifting and lifting basket should be controlled at -20 C -+40 C; the relative humidity is not more than 90%; the voltage of the power supply deviates from the rated value of 5%; if the construction at night, the construction site should be fully illuminated, the lighting degree should be greater than the 1501x, and the warning signal lights are set in the construction range.

If there is a road or passage below the scope of the construction, a warning line or a safety corridor must be set below the lifting basket, and a marked warning sign and a safety supervisor must be set up. Only when these conditions are met, can lifting and hanging basket operate safely.

And the lifting of the hanging basket before the installation of the beam, the need to use the wire rope out of the bottom of the basket and the safety of the rope card, each card once left more than 1m lifting, the safety rope will play the role of hanging the hanging basket. If a steel bar is used as a load-bearing hanger, the safety rope and steel bar are hung on the fixed roof beam first, then the inverted chain hangs in the upper and lower chain rods of the bar chain, and the inverted chain is used.

The actual force of the bolt for the whole load chain of the lifting and lifting basket is only the load that the M14 one bolt bears, because the safety rope is connected with the hanging basket frame, because the rope uses the length of the rope not less than the diameter of the steel wire. It is the safe use of the safety rope that ensures the safety of the lifting basket.

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