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The corrosion prevention for the scaffolding spare parts
Dec 09, 2017

The service life of hot-dip galvanized scaffolding spare part is about 10 years. In general, its surface does not require maintenance and is not subject to any limitations in use. Hot-dip galvanized scaffolding spare parts are expensive and the raw materials used are complicated.

In the actual use, there are more scaffolding spare parts due to deformation or other reasons, will be difficult to use or even eliminated. However, the overall service life will be around 5 years. Therefore, when using scaffolding spare parts, they should also be maintained, so that its service life can increase and the use value will be more perfect.

The surface treatment process of cold galvanized scaffolding spare parts should firstly galvanize and then weld the raw materials of pipe. Silver powder is used for anticorrosive paint treatment on the welding joint, and the welding joint and the surrounding area are easy to rust.

The cost of galvanized scaffolding spare parts is 400 yuan to 500 yuan lower than the overall cold galvanized. Such process in welding, because the pipe is galvanized pipe, will make the welding of the firm performance is reduced more and will be smaller in the market share.

The process of anticorrosive paint scaffolding spare parts is divided into the varnished scaffolding and anticorrosive paint air brush. Varnished scaffolding spare parts will put the scaffold in the paint pool, take out and dry. Air brush scaffolding spare parts will used in the form of air brush to do the surface antirust paint treatment. anticorrosive paint scaffold will require 1 - 2 years of surface anticorrosive paint  maintenance, but production costs are particularly low.

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