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The debugging and maintenance of using window cleaning basket
May 11, 2018

The debugging of window cleaning baskets:


After the window cleaning basket is set up , and before window cleaning basket is used officially,  the load test must be carried out. In the window cleaning basket, we must pay attention to the things. At this time, we must pay attention to swing the building basket to the highest point and then to the lowest point. Observe the changes of the hanging basket, the wire rope, the hoist, and the beam. There will be no abnormalities . Afterwards, the window cleaning basket will be shaken into the midair. After a day's stay, it will be observed and determined to meet the design requirements before it can be put into use.  You should do a good load test record.


When the window cleaning basket is in commissioning, it should pay attention to the platform three times and each time it rises by one meter. Also, it should attach importance to checking whether the special gourd for hoisting baskets can work normally. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the reliability of the safety lock itself.Then, you need pay attention to the safety lock must be worn in the appropriate position on the safety rope.You need pull down the safety lock, safety lock basket should lock the safety rope and not move.When push the safety lock along the rope, The safety lock can slide along the rope.


Window cleaning basket maintenance requirements:


The window below the ceiling of the cleaning basket is a prohibited area.The isolation measures and obvious warning signs are required. Other relevant measures such as work safety technology, on-site operation safety measures, labor protection and safe electricity use, and fire protection requirements shall be strictly implemented in accordance with relevant regulations promulgated by the state and local governments.


When the window cleaning basket tilts more than 15m on both sides, it should pay attention to timely leveling, otherwise it will seriously affect the use of security locks, and even damage the internal parts; window cleaning basket around the railing is prohibited with cloth or other impermeable material, so as not to increase the coefficient of wind resistance and safety hazards. Every day after work is over, the working platform should be lowered to the ground and the safety lock arm should be loosened.


Window cleaning basket work steel wire rope, safety wire rope must not be bent, and not be stained with oil, debris. In addition, welding slag and ablation phenomenon can not appear.It is strictly prohibited to work wire rope, safety lock wire rope as a low-voltage electric welding loop. During using it , foreign objects such as mortar, glue, waste paper, and paint are forbidden to enter in the elevator and safety locks in the window cleaning basket.

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