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The development and application of gondola safety lock for height operations
Dec 22, 2017

With the rapid development of the national economy, with the large-scale urban construction, high-rise buildings are increasing year by year, the outer wall of high-rise building construction, maintenance and cleaning supporting construction equipment is also increasing, production safety accidents also occur. It is no surprise that the gondola safety lock for height operations is applied.

The gondola for height operations is a manned high-altitude operation tool, which consists of a hanging mechanism, hoister, hanging platform, gondola safety lock, load cable, safety steel cable ,electrical box, control system and so on.

The gondola safety lock for height operations is convenient to disassemble and assemble. The working height is higher, and the operation is also very convenient. Not only it is safe and reliable, but also the use cost is very low. It is because of these characteristics, in the construction project, it will be very widely used, also become a common important construction machinery in the high-rise buildings.

The gondola safety lock for height operations refers to a device for stopping the descending or tilting of the hoisting platform when the descending speed of the hoisting platform reaches the rope locking speed or the inclination angle of the hoisting platform reaches the rope locking angle.

The gondola safety lock for height operations should not be reset automatically under the locking rope state, thus effectively preventing the occurrence of production safety accidents.

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