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The difference between the hanging scaffolding and electric suspended scaffolding in the construction basket
Dec 01, 2018

Suspended platform is a frequently used product in the building. We can choose the right basket according to our own use. The electric suspended scaffolding is more widely used than the ankle basket. The design of the product is very unique and novel.


The suspended platform is mounted on a suspension machine on a building. A suspended manned aerial work equipment is suspended from the facade of the building by a wire rope along the facade of the building, and is used for high-rise construction. Homework, belonging to the very type of hanging basket.


The construction of the hanging basket has the characteristics of strong construction adaptability, basically unconstrained construction height, less occupied construction site, good construction quality, high construction efficiency, convenient installation and disassembly, less labor and labor, and low labor intensity, especially suitable for building shape. Construction work is carried out in large variations, and under certain conditions, the basket can also be used as an auxiliary device for lifting or lifting materials. For exterior wall construction and decoration, curtain wall installation, as well as large chimneys, tanks, bridges, dam engineering buildings.


Compared with the hanging scaffolding , the electric suspended scaffolding is more suitable for the exterior decoration of the high-rise building. It replaces the artificial frame for many years, saves labor, saves materials and saves time, shortens the construction period, and is excellent, superior and convenient. , practical and many other advantages are well received by users. The electric suspended scaffolding  does not have special pressure drop requirements. It can also ensure that the inner tube can be smoothly inserted into the outer tube, which also reduces the difficulty of construction, reduces the stress of the pipeline, and increases the flexibility of the

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