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The electronic control box features and highlights of the two-speed exhaust fan
May 15, 2018

When it comes to the fulfillment function of the electric control box of the two-speed exhaust fan, first of all, for each electric control box, it should have automatic hand-switching control function; each electric control box can control a two-speed fan at high speed or conducting manual operation at low speed .The main will also be used for inspection or debugging.


Each electric control box can automatically control at a distance, and externally connect to fire control system and intelligent control system, and at the same time feedback fan high and low speed operation status signals. General low-speed file access intelligent control system, usually for the exhaust fan, high-speed file access fire control system (DC24V control interface), in the event of a fire, it will receive the control signal from the control system to start the high-speed operation. At the same time, the low-speed control circuit will be automatically cut off, and it will also achieve rapid exhaust ventilation (it can be combined according to the user's plan).


Each electronic control box has the automatic protection functions of output over-current, phase loss, open circuit, overload and power failure, etc. It will also play a role in reliable protection of the point machine. For this type of electronic control box, the protection type is P30, and the standard type is IP51. And such products place more emphasis on practicality, operation will also appear more convenient and concise, performance will also appear stable and reliable.


The electronic control box is equipped with an original intelligent motor protector (digital display compressor operating current, high sensitivity and phase loss, overload protection) together, which greatly reduces the risk of the compressor motor being burned.At the same time ,when it is actually used. , the temperature control is accurate, and the protection sensitivity is high. It is an electronic control box with a very high price–performance in ratioactual application.


After that, when it comes to the highlights of the electric control box of the two-speed exhaust fan, the accuracy will be higher with the four-digit display. The motor protector will display the “overload”, “phase loss” and “alarm code” with Chinese subtitles for easy reading.The button of the electric control box of the double-speed exhaust fan adopts paint spraying, and the words are not easy to fall off; the fool-proof design has a digital scale on the back port, which is convenient for us to perform wiring.

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