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The features and installation of the ZLP electric suspended platform
Nov 24, 2017

In conclusion, in terms of ZLP platform zlp800,zlp630,zlp500 model hanging basket it is very important to pay attention to the assembling platform in fact. The assembled platform is composed of the front railing and the rear railing, the chassis and the mounting frame.

The components, including the suspension ZLP platform of electric hanging basket, are used to connect with bolts, and in terms of its standard section length, it is 2.5 meters or 2 meters. Furthermore, the chassis of its assembled platform will be welded by steel (aluminum) plate, and the bottom plate will have non-slip ripple. The mounting frame will be welded by the steel pipe, and the bottom will be equipped with casters to facilitate the disassembly and movement of the work.

Furthermore, the front railing and the rear railing of the stitching platform including the ZLP platform of the electric hanging basket are welded by the steel (aluminum) tube. About the height of its front railing is actually 970mm, installed on the side of the operation area, then the height of the railing is actually 1120mm.

And then, we actually have to pay attention to the installation and adjustment of the stitching platform including the ZLP platform of electric hanging basket, it is important to pay attention to the need to choose the flat floor to do the installation surface. The floor is more than 200mm above the flat put, for the different basic joints docking place is to align, loaded layup, low basket is placed on the face side, with bolts to join.

After the preload to ensure the entire electric hanging basket suspension ZLP platform, such as the frame on the flat, the next words, that is to note that the hoist should be installed at both ends of the side basket, and on the electric hanging basket ZLP platform, such as splicing platform in the installation of the time is to pay attention to the safety lock bracket toward the outside of the platform. After the installed platform, pay attention to uniform fastening after all bolts connected.

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