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The function of the cleaning basket is not only to clean the outer wall
Mar 31, 2018

The cleaning basket is a branch of the hanging basket, the specific function is consistent with the hanging basket, and it is not only used as a clean external wall. The cleaning basket is the same as the hanging basket, which is the construction machinery for aerial work of building engineering. It is used for curtain wall installation and external wall cleaning. It is a construction facility running along the vertical line of the building or the structure through the wire rope, and it is also a platform for operators to set up.

The clean hanging basket can replace the traditional scaffolding directly when it is actually used, but also can reduce the labor intensity, improve the work efficiency, and can be used again and again the new high operating equipment.

The use of building basket and its cleaning basket has gradually become a trend. It has been widely recognized in the construction of the outer wall, the installation of the curtain wall, the insulation construction and the maintenance and cleaning of the exterior wall. At the same time, it will also be used in large tanks, bridges and dams to a large extent.

The use of clean basket and building basket can avoid the scaffolding to a large extent. And to this point, the cost of construction can be reduced, the cost of construction is 28% of the traditional scaffolding, and the efficiency of its work will inevitably be greatly improved. The hanging basket is flexible in operation, easy to shift, convenient and practical, safe and reliable. And when it comes to the wide range of the production and use of such equipment, as many as more than 400 manufacturers of its national production basket can see that its demand for the market is also relatively large.

The cleaning basket and building basket will be classified according to the difficulty of construction and the different construction sites. If the chimney is produced, it will also use a ring basket, a hanging basket, a hanging basket in the furnace, a long hanging basket for the bridge, the elevator installation basket, the track type slider basket and other non standard hanging baskets, and the cleaning basket and the building basket will be divided into the steel frame electric basket and the aluminum alloy basket according to the material. Gold electric hoisting basket and other different hanging basket equipment.

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