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The hanger platform hoist has the following characteristics
Mar 28, 2018

The driving power of the hoist hoist is small, and the inflow feed, the induced discharge and the large capacity hopper are used. When the material is raised, there is little back material or dug phenomenon, and in view of this, it has less power. The hoisting platform hoisting machine has a wide range of lifting. This kind of hoist requires less material or characteristics. It can not only enhance the general powdery or small granular materials, but also enhance the material with large abrasive wear.

The suspension platform hoist has better sealing performance and less environmental pollution when lifting the object. The suspension platform hoist has good running reliability and advanced design principles and processing methods. It ensures the reliable performance of the whole machine at runtime, and the trouble free time is more than 20 thousand hours. The elevations are high, and the hoist runs smoothly, so it can reach a higher elevation.

The hoisting platform lifter equipment has a long service life, and the feed of the hoist is carried out in a flow mode without using bucket excavating materials. There is little extrusion or collision between materials. This machine is in the design time guarantee when the material in the feeding and discharging is less scattered, and on this point, also can reduce mechanical wear.

The working principle of hoisting platform hoist equipment is that hopper will scoop up the material from the following storage. With the conveyor belt or chain lifting to the top, it will turn down after the top wheel is turned, and the bucket lifting opportunity will pour the material into the receiving tank. The driving belt of the hoist equipment with a transmission platform generally adopts a rubber belt, which is mounted on the lower or above the driving rollers and on the changing rollers on the upper and lower sides.

Chain drive platform hoist equipment, generally speaking, will be equipped with two parallel transmission chains, or there are a pair of transmission sprockets below, or a pair of sprockets on the top. Generally speaking, the hoisting platform hoist equipment is equipped with a case. In this regard, it is to prevent dust flying in hoist equipment.

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