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The key points in the production and management of the unloading construction platform.
Jan 17, 2018

Manufacture of unloading construction platform

Firstly,the unloading construction platform must be strictly designed according to the design when making the platform. It is not allowed to use small size components to replace large size components.When unloading during the production of construction platform, using the snap ring to connect with wire rope must set up safety ring, and the angle between the wire rope and the level of the best beam at 45~60 degrees.

Secondly,when the unloading platform is being manufactured, it is necessary to straighten the channel steel before welding the connecting angle steel or steel plate, and do not allow bending and twisting.If it is not straight, twisted or bend, it should be noted that cold processing is used for straightening immediately, and no oxygen or acetylene can be used to hot working.

Thirdly,the main beam, the secondary beam and the connecting beam should be processed and formed before the loader on the unloading platform is welded. Then,attention should be paid to spot welding and fixing again. After bolt connection is confirmed, it will be welded before welding. When welding is done, the welding slag should be knocked out after the weld is basically cooled.The upper entrance of the platform must be used to meet the requirements of the hard protection, and this platform has been set up after the acceptance of the acceptance, it can be put into use.

Management of unloading construction platform

Firstly,when unloading construction platform is being in the installation, it will use tower crane to hang into the installation position, the bearing beam channel penetration to the floor, and in the installation position by impact hammer drill hole diameter of 18mm, and then the wear plate screw and plate fixation.

Secondly,on the site of the unloading construction platform, the protection sheds and fences are added, the warning signs and warning signs are set up, and the allowable load values are marked on the unloading platform.The total weight of personnel and materials on the unloading construction platform is strictly forbidden to exceed the allowable load of the design. And when the platform is used, pay attention to arranging someone who is responsible for checking.When there is a damage or other failure, stop using it immediately, report in and repair it in time.

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