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The main structure of the cleaning platform is the following
Jan 27, 2018

The first structure in the clean platform is also the suspended platform, which is the working field of the construction personnel. It will be made up of four parts of the high and low railings, the platform bottom and the hoist installation rack. The second is the elevator, which is the power component of the hanging platform on the cleaning platform, and it will use an electric climbing structure.

Then, we actually also is to pay attention to, the cleaning platform hoisting machine is driven by electromagnetic braking three-phase asynchronous motor, which is going after a worm and a pair of gear drives the wire rope conveying mechanism makes the hoist work along the wire rope to move up and down, at this time, that is driven by the rise and fall of suspension platform.

Cleaning platform structure, there is a safety lock, which is also a safety protection device is on this device, the wire rope suddenly breaks at work or the device is tilted to a certain angle, namely can lock the safety rope automatically and quickly, on this point. Then, to a great extent, is to ensure that the suspension platform without falling or continue to tilt.

Furthermore, we actually also is to pay attention to, just clean the platform hanging structure, summarized in terms of words, is set up in the building top, then, it is to a great extent by wire rope for Suspension Suspension on the platform, on this point it in fact, it is to ensure the safety of good performance in the use of the.

Finally, clean the platform is also will have on the electrical control box, electric control box, summarized in terms of words, and can be used to control the equipment on the moving parts, and the main components of the cleaning platform in terms of words that will be installed on an insulating plate, there is the universal steering switch the power indicator and the start button and emergency shutdown button device box board above the door.

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