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The maintenance of electric hoisting wire rope
Sep 25, 2017

Electric basket price, not our only requirement, we should also pay attention to the maintenance in use for parts, in use process will encounter all sorts of problems, sometimes parts out of the question will affect the normal work of the hanging basket. Then how can we maintain the hoisting rope? Let the experts tell us about it.
There are six needs to learn. The wire rope plays an important role in the use of electric sling, so how to maintain the hanging basket wire rope can prolong the service life. The specific methods for the maintenance of electric wire rope are as follows:
1. The specifications of the wire rope are used in the specification of the operating instructions of the electric hoisting basket, and other wire ropes can not be replaced. The general use of the steel wire rope is hot galvanizing 4*31ws-8.3 mm.
2. The wire rope of electric hoisting basket shall also be required in the specification of wire rope.
3. Strictly prohibit the connection of wire rope and put it into use.
4. Timely remove the mortar and paint from the wire rope and remove the clutter from the top.
5. When a local injury or fatigue failure occurs in a wire rope clip, it shall be re-fixed in a timely manner.
6. The occurrence of any loose stocks, kinks, broken wires and squashed products must be declared scrapped.

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