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The necessity of the fall arrester for the suspended platform components
Dec 24, 2018

The emergence of various hanging baskets on the market has long replaced the early manual hand-chain chain, which not only improves the construction efficiency, but also avoids the problems that may occur in the lifting process of traditional equipment. In order to further improve the safety of the basket, it is equipped with a series of protective accessories, including synchronous controllers, overload alarms, and fall arresters.


When the platform is built, it is required to design the suspended platform components fall arrester. According to the mechanical braking principle and structure adopted by the basket, various anti-drop devices that have appeared at present can generally meet the requirements of timely stopping and meet the design requirements. At the same time, the welded joint with good rigidity is used to enlarge the design section of the rod to improve the design safety.


The high-strength wall-to-wall bolts are used to connect with the building structure. For the connection between the attachment structure and the frame structure, the elliptical holes and the upper and lower fixed positions can be adjusted to facilitate the installation and disassembly operation, which makes the construction of the platform more convenient. Its safety and stability during use can be further

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