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The plate surface structure of the window cleaning scaffold and emergency measures at the time of this deformation
May 16, 2018

The plate surface structure of the window cleaning scaffold:


When the window cleaning scaffold is used, in order to ensure the shear resistance of the laminated surface after the combination of the thin slab and the cast-in-place concrete layer, the plate surface structure of the slab is as follows: when the required shear resistance of the laminated surface is small, the top surface can be machined to have a rough, feathered, or pitted surface, or an indentation with a depth of 4-6 mm is formed with a mesh roller.


The plate surface structure of the window cleaning scaffold means that when the required shear resistance of the laminated surface is large (more than 0.4 MPa), the surface of the thin plate is required to be very rough and scratched. So it is necessary to pay attention to add shear reinforcement, its specifications and spacing are determined by design calculations. Shear reinforcement is generally made with ribs with a triangular section.


Emergency measures when the window cleaning scaffold is deformed:


When the deflection deformation of the cantilevered steel beam on which the window cleaning scaffold is rooted exceeds the specified value, attention must be paid to reinforcing the post-anchoring point of the cantilevered steel beam. Reinforcing steel is also a very important factor. Dealing with it will be of immense importance. There is a gap between the pre-embedded rebar ring and the steel girder of the steel springboard, and the horse wedge must be used for tightness. The steel wire ropes hanging from the outer ends of the steel girders are checked one by one and all are fastened to ensure uniform force.


General window cleaning scaffolds have a partial destruction of the circular unloading and tensioning system, and the damage will be higher and higher at this time, and they must be immediately restored according to the unloading pull-up method established in the original plan.In addition, the parts and rods which have been deformed should be corrected. At each point, the chain is tightened inwards at the same time, until the deformation is corrected, and the rigid pull is done. After that, the unloading point wire rope should be tightened to make it evenly distributed, and finally the reverse chain should be released.


Window cleaning scaffolding is not just an English window cleaner. It also means that when building a house or doing renovations, workers will use the scaffolding to help complete the work. The main use of window cleaning scaffolds is in many aspects such as the construction of exterior walls of some buildings and the interior wall decoration.

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