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The practical use and application characteristics of the aluminum suspended platform
Sep 26, 2018

As the current construction project, the external wall insulation layer is a common type in construction. It is very important to use the aluminum suspended platform in the construction, which has a good effect and effect on improving the construction progress and construction quality. Because the aluminum suspended platform has the advantages of good economic performance, simple operation and high safety factor in the application, it has become an crucial equipment in current construction filed. 


Since the aluminum suspended platform can only be used by the construction personnel in the process of application and temporary storage of a small amount of tools and materials, it should not be used as a device for transporting the thermal insulation board vertically, so it is necessary to control in time during the construction process. 


During the construction process, the staff can freely control the transportation speed and the stopping position of the hanging basket through the aluminum suspended platform platform, so that the construction position can be processed in time and effectively. Of course, the aluminum suspended platform also presents a distinctive feature in the application process. 


First of all, the aluminum suspended platforms are of various forms, which can meet different lifting requirements. For example, the area of the insulation board is generally large, and the installation of the insulation board can be conveniently completed by using an double layered or multi-layered platform replacing the ordinary single-layer type which could not satisfy the special desire. 


Secondly, the working height of the aluminum suspended platform is not limited, because it is equipped with a lifting mechanism for lifting up and down, which is pulled by the wire rope, and drives the basket platform to move up and down to reach the working height. It is also because the hanging basket platform has no fixed connection with the ground, so that it can adapt to different heights in the construction of the external wall, and is generally used in high-rise buildings. 



Because the roof suspension mechanism of the aluminum suspended platform is very convenient to assemble and disassemble, it is very simple and flexible to move in horizontal construction. At present, the main T-beam suspension forms are mainly used. Other methods include various parapet wall clamps structures and davit arm structures. Users can choose freely according to different roof conditions. 


The roof mechanism of the aluminum suspended platform or the pulley is used to install the hoist on the rear end of the suspension mechanism, which can not only carry easily, but also increase the weight, reduce the load on the front end of the beam, and can lifting installation combined hoist and the lever. It is more convenient for vertical work on the outer wall.

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