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The purpose of setting a shock absorber in a window cleaning platform
Feb 28, 2018

As a platform for aerial work, window cleaning platform is commonly used as lifting equipment as lifting platform, lifting basket and so on. These machines have one thing in common: they are equipped with shock absorbing blocks. So what is the effect of these damping blocks on the window cleaning platform?

The damping blocks used in window cleaning platforms are usually made of rubber. They are quite different from the shock absorption system of automobiles, and their structures are relatively simple, but the role of shock absorbers is the same. Rubber shock absorber is mainly made of natural rubber and styrene butadiene rubber. There is also a nitrile rubber. The shock absorbing block of this material is relatively oil resistant. Which kind of shock absorber should be chosen depends on the occasion of the window cleaning platform and the expected damping effect.

But no matter which one, their main function is the same, in order to reduce mechanical vibration, belonging to a component part. When the window cleaning platform load, the shock absorber block can reduce the impact of load on the operation platform, and also can reduce the impact between parts, and play a protective role.

Each window cleaning platform will set up multiple damping blocks. When subjected to external force impact, these blocks can effectively reduce the impact and ensure the stability of the whole lifting platform. When the pavement is not smooth, the window cleaning platform is moved, and the shock absorber can also reflect the maximum protection effect.

Especially when facing the big pits of the road surface, the window cleaning platform will go up and down, and the machine will experience collision with each bracket, and the shock absorber block can avoid collision, so as to protect the window cleaning platform.

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