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The relevant technical requirements of the wire rope suspension platform must be achieved
Dec 14, 2017

At the first point, the steel wire rope suspension platform must have enough strength and stiffness. Under rated load is uniform when 2 times, can not appear crack, bolt or riveting loose or other structural damage phenomenon; steel wire rope suspension platform under dynamic load test, regarding to the bottom surface of the platform the maximum deflection value, it shall pay attention to not be greater than the platform the length of l/300.


The wire rope suspension platform under partial load test time, the simulation of wire rope broken wire rope under safety lock locked state, the dangerous section of the local stress value cannot be greater than the material allowable stress; In other words, this wire rope platform shall be equipped with safety fence fixed guardrail to set up the abdominal bar, the barrier height of the working face should not be lower than 0.8m, the rest parts should not be less than 1.1 m, and the guardrail should also pay attention to the 1000 N level concentrated load.


Wire Rope suspension platform work width not less than 0.4m, should be  noted must be set on the bottom skid plate, the effective area should pay attention to more than 0.25 m2 /person, floor drain hole diameter is at 10 mm; the bottom of the platform around the note with a height of not less than 150 mm on the baffle,baffle and the floor space should pay attention to less than 5 mm;


The longitudinal inclination angle of wire rope suspension platform can't be greater than 8 degrees in the work. Besides, if we talk about the platform above,load capacity and the relative important issues shall be marked needing attention.  


Regarding to the steel wire rope suspension platform,we should pay attention to the operation of the button switch,observe the sensitivity and reliability of the control system. Besides, we should pay attention to the wall hanging wheel or the guiding device and the buffer device on the wire rope suspension platform. In addition, the force exerted on the top of the building or on the structure of the structure should be conformed to the bearing requirements of the building structure.

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