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The safety, reliability and sustainability of the hanging stage platform are reflected.
Apr 27, 2018

The mechanical movement of the stage platform is more intuitive, and it is directly related to the safety of the personnel and equipment. The characteristics of the "rescue field as fire rescue" in the performance also test the reliability of the platform equipment, especially the control equipment. It is precisely because of this, for the theatre stage, we must pay attention to the safety and reliability of the stage platform machinery and the control system of the first of the control system.

For the sustainability of the stage platform, it should be noted that the life cycle of the control system should be about 10 years, the long-term spare parts supply, the software upgrading and maintenance, and the technical service must be guaranteed. Because of this, the equipment chosen for this control system is suitable for enterprises with sustainable development.

The performance to price ratio of the control system in the platform platform is a very important index to measure the advanced or not of a system, and the cost performance of the system with high cost is not necessarily good. At this time we have to pay attention to meet the needs of the use of the function on the basis of the need to achieve the best cost performance, more money on the blade.

The investment of the mechanical control system in the stage of the suspension stage accounts for the general law of the proportion of the total project investment. In fact, it refers to the project with the greater investment of the stage machinery as a whole. The investment in the stage machinery control system accounts for the smaller proportion of the total project investment; the smaller the investment for the stage machinery is, the stage machinery control is controlled. The proportion of investment in the system to total project investment is bigger.

That is to say, the investment of the basic configuration of the control system is relatively large for the construction of the suspended stage platform, and the basic configuration of the control system should be set up at the same time as long as the basic requirements for the control system are the same, whether it is a large system or a small system. The difference between the models is not big, so the investment in the mechanical control system of the small and medium investment on the stage platform is more obvious to the overall investment of the stage mechanical engineering.

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