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The specific embodiment of the low cost of window cleaning basket application
Nov 21, 2018

The low cost of window cleaning baskets is characterized by its ability to reuse this application. Specifically, because it can be used repeatedly in related applications, it can reduce the application cost by reducing the number of times of replacing new devices in the application.


The application of the window cleaning basket is characterized by the fact that it can be used without scaffolding, and by means of saving the purchase cost of the scaffold, it shows that the application cost is low. In addition, because the application does not require scaffolding, it can save a lot of equipment installation costs by omitting complicated installation work, and exhibits low equipment application cost by saving installation cost.


In addition, the window cleaning basket has a very long service life and does not need to be repeatedly disassembled like a conventional scaffold in the application. From these aspects, the purchase cost and the installation cost of the device can be prioritized, so that the device application can also be exhibited.

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