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The structure of hanging basket is introduced
Sep 25, 2017

The hanging basket is composed of suspension mechanism, suspension platform, lifting machine, safety lock, working wire rope, safety wire rope and electrical box and electrical control system.
(1) suspension platform
The suspension platform is surrounded by a guardrail, which is used to carry the operating personnel and tools, and the suspension type of suspension type device for high work is carried out. The suspension platform is steel structure. The suspension platform consists of three basic sections, two lifting machine mounting racks. Each basic section consists of front, back and low boards. The front column (on the side) is 0.9 meters high and the rear section is 1.2 meters high. Form a closed frame platform.
(2) suspension mechanism
The suspension mechanism is installed above the building and is suspended through a wire rope suspension platform. The suspension mechanism consists of a set of the same two suspension pairs.
Hanging from the front seat, backseat, adjust seat, pillar, beam, centre sill, back rest, wire rope should be strengthened and counterweight, centre sill suit in front beam and back rest, by changing the wear of joint bolt hole position, can adjust the distance between the front and back, adjust the length is 3 ~ 4 meters, adjust the interval is 0.2 meters. Front beam and back rest by adjusting the block installed on the front and the back seat, change to adjust seat and front and back seat connection bolt hole device with wear, adjustable beam high from ground, the adjusting range of 1.3 ~ 1.8 meters, adjust the distance of 0.1 meters, for the adjustable suspension mechanism.
(3) hoist
ZLP630 and ZLP800 hoist are composed of electromagnetic brake motor, centrifugal speed limiting device, two-stage deceleration system, and rope pulling mechanism. The hoist adopts a/s type of tugging mechanism which has automatic rope insertion function. The operator simply inserts the working wire rope into the hoisting machine's inlet line. The electromechanical braking device can be automatically joined in case of electronic fault or power supply interruption, resulting in braking torque, which can stop and support the working platform. In power failure or an emergency situation, use manual glide pull rod (insert electromagnetic brake in the hoist) inside the handle (motor) within the windbreak fork of the hole, the upward pull rod, open the brake, can make the work platform average decline in hoist adopts gear oil lubrication, shall, according to the use of a 6 to 12 months to replace oil at a time. The recommended 80W/90 common vehicle gear oil is recommended for 2 litres of oil. During summer use in the southern region, use the N460 to load gear oil. A centrifugal deceleration device is installed at the input end of the motor shaft end and the speed reducer in the box, ensuring the sliding speed of the platform is less than 1

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