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The structure of the electric hoisting basket determines its function
Sep 25, 2017

Electric basket fuse, it consists of a supporting plate, plate installed on the clamp and the clamping plate, torsional spring clamping mechanism, it also is equipped with a pressure and pressure arm, which consists of a fixed axis, the connection on the plate, one end of the briquetting pressure on the clamping plate, pressure arm by a roller shaft connection on the other side.
Another guide wheel is connected by a connecting block and a rotating shaft to a pressure wheel. The guide wheel and the wheel rim are opposite.
Features of electric hoist basket insurance:
Arm (1) with pressure, pressure and pressure wheel with the main line of rigidity of clamping plate press agency, abandoned the traditional structure used in the complex structure of centrifugal, make this insurance device structure more simple, so as to greatly reduce the manufacturing difficulty.
(2) effect insurance device is driven by the hanging basket skewed fuse body, make the relative rotation pressure institutions and insurance subject, reduce the pressure on the clamping plate, so that the clamping plate drives the rope clip clamping insurance namely, protect the basket.
Therefore, the hanging basket can start the insurance work quickly and the performance is reliable.
The clamping and loosening of the insurance device is automatically carried out with the working status of the hanging basket. It is convenient for workers to operate without manual operation.

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