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The unique charm of window cleaning baskets in aerial work
Feb 13, 2019

The window cleaning basket is a construction machine commonly used in high-rise construction in China. In order to better operate the window cleaning basket, we need to understand more about the operation mode and performance limit of the equipment. As the number of window cleaning baskets continues to increase, the demand for window cleaning baskets continues to increase, so more and more people are doing construction. Under this premise, it is necessary to strengthen the attention to equipment.


The window cleaning basket is lifted by the rope to generate the rising power through the hoist. Therefore, it is necessary to check the lifting efficiency and working condition of the hoist before use. The basket that meets the construction requirements is the appropriate window cleaning basket.


It is undoubtedly easy to clean the basket with a one-click lift window. Careful commissioning of the basket before use ensures safety during construction. The construction personnel who operate the window cleaning basket need to hold the corresponding operation certificate before they can use it. The construction unit without the system training should refuse to board the window cleaning

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