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The window cleaning scaffold fittings have strong anti-stripping ability and good rotating fasteners
Jul 24, 2018

Strong anti-stripping ability of window cleaning scaffold fittings:

When it comes to the strong anti-stripping ability of window cleaning scaffold fittings,the reason is that this material itself is used for new connection, and the new nut ensures that the window cleaning scaffold fittings can always be fixed vertically and firmly under the condition of steel pipe deformation, eliminating the possibility of steel pipe slipping.

The ability of window cleaning scaffolding accessories on the resistance to deformation is also very strong.Campared with ordinary steel plate stamping scaffolding accessories, the process is different. It breaks through the traditional stamping process, due to the limitation on the thickness of the material for 5 mm. On the one hand, to a large extent ,it can fully ensure that the fittings may be not deformed during use, at that time also ensure that safety of products and effective use repetition.In the course of use, the machine should be regularly checked for its operation, lubrication, abrasion on the surface of the wire rope, sensitivity and reliability of all safety devices by peoples.Solve the problems when finding problems.

Window cleaning scaffold fittings swivel fasteners are better

The swivel fasteners of the window cleaning scaffold fittings themselves are also used as fittings for the connection and play a fixed role.The swivel fasteners are mainly used in the connection between the horizontal and vertical rods of scaffold pipe fittings.

However, we should also note that the window cleaning scaffold swivel fastener is only one kind of scaffold fittings, and its use method is not much different from other connecting fittings, but it appears very different in the position of use, all of which have the same function of connecting and fixing.

The distance between the center line and the main node in the connection of the rotating fastener of the window cleaning scaffold fittings should not be greater than 150mm.Horizontal diagonal bracing must be set at both ends of double row scaffolds of type 1 and opening type. The middle is suitable to set aside every six spans. As for its longitudinal lap length, it should not be less than 1 meter, and three rotating fasteners should be fixed at equal intervals. The distance between the edge of the end fastener cover plate and the end of the vertical horizontal bar rod should not be less than 100mm.

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