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Tips for attention in installation of hanging basket accessories
Oct 19, 2017

"Overview" First of all, when it comes to the installation of the hanging basket, including the hanging basket, the 1th, the electric hanging basket in a large extent, in fact, will be in the form of parts directly into the construction site, in order to In a very large extent, in fact, it should be to pay attention to the focus of monitoring each basket is not in accordance with the plan to assemble and install correctly.

In this regard, the hanging basket to be assembled firmly, hanging basket accessories In fact should be to maintain a complete and intact, for its place, in fact, it should be to pay attention to safety and reliability. Then, on the construction of the hanging basket after the installation, in a very large extent, in fact, it should be to pay attention to the timely organization of hanging basket manufacturers, on-site technical personnel or production personnel with the operator to carry out joint acceptance.

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Then, to a large extent, it is to focus on the control of each of the hanging basket accessories installation location, observe the assembly of the structure itself, look at the counterweight, safety rope and the safety of the lock and the electrical installation of the flexible condition, the hanging basket running up and down should not have obstacles, And for the acceptance, must pay attention to 100%.

In terms of the relatively large number of times in fact will be in stages of acceptance, in order to the extent that it is in fact directly in the form of text formalities. No acceptance of the electric hanging basket is prohibited to use. For the acceptance of the existing problems must be aware of the deadline for rectification, in the guarantee that no problems after the use of input.

Finally, the hanging basket accessories in the installation of the time, on the first aspect, in fact, it is to note that should be on the machine personnel to select. And, on the other hand, for the installation of hanging basket accessories In fact, it is to pay attention to the relevant education training or examination and certification. And we should pay attention to the prohibition of workers to throw debris in the phenomenon.

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