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To set up the electric lifting basket scaffold requirements
Sep 25, 2017

To determine the position of the supporting system, the supporting system is equipped with a hoisting basket and a safety rope. The lifting device is equipped with a hoisting basket and a safety rope.
Construction points of electric lifting basket:
(1) electric basket assembly at the scene, qualified through inspection, to specify the location, the wire rope is connected and power test, at the same time by the ministry of hanging basket rope and safety rope inserted respectively in the hoisting mechanism and safety lock, hanging basket rope must be inserted in the elevator operation.
When switching on power supply, pay attention to the running direction of the motor, so that the lifting basket can rise and fall in the correct direction.
The diameter of the safety rope is not less than 12.5 mm, and the wire rope with joint is not allowed, and no less than 3 of the sealing head card.
The selection beam of the supporting system adopts the i-steel no less than 14. The selection of the beam should be slightly higher than the fixed end. A steel tube or other material shall be used to connect the beams to a single body.
The sling must pass under the main beam of the hanging basket, and the connection Angle is kept 45. He then used a card to kill the hook and sling.
In the case of the embedded ring, the diameter is not less than 16mm. The length of the buried concrete is greater than 360mm and it is firmly welded with the main reinforcement.

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