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Two kinds of suspension mechanism in aluminum alloy working platform
Jul 27, 2018

The suspension part is one of the components of the high-altitude operation platform, and this device is also included in the aluminum alloy work platform. It is generally divided into two forms, namely the cantilever beam suspension mechanism and the clamping clamping mechanism of the parapet wall.The characteristics to be presented in practical application are different..


For the aluminum alloy working platform, the surface of all the structural parts of its suspension mechanism is hot-dipped galvanized treatment, so as to have the advantages of long service life, safe and reliable, convenient maintenance and other advantages. Only through special design and manufacturing can meet special requirements.


The cantilever beam suspension mechanism of the aluminum alloy working platform is applicable to all construction hanging baskets and roof structures, and the weight behind it is balanced.The wire rope adopts the rear hanging design, which improves the stress condition of the cantilever and make it convenient and safe. At the same time, the height can be adjusted, and the cantilever extension can be adjusted to 700mm ~ 1500mm.


When the aluminum alloy clamping platform is equipped with the clamping suspension mechanism of parapet wall, the whole equipment is simple in structure, no weight allocation, convenient in installation, convenient in transportation, saving labor and costs.It is mainly applicable to buildings or structural houses with high strength of parapet wall.In addition, according to the needs of users,we can also provide the independent safety rope suspension frame for parapet wall installation.

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