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Use of aluminum alloy working platform
Jan 15, 2018

Because of the advantages of light quality, convenience, reliability and so on, the aluminum alloy working platform is often used in ordinary times.However, many people do not know how it is used, take this opportunity to share with you, making the aluminum alloy work platform more effective.

Under normal conditions, the formation of the aluminum alloy working platform and the ground is about 75 degrees; After stretching and keeping the lap part, there is a certain overlap. The reclosing distance of the aluminum alloy working platform under 8 meters should be over 75 centimeters, and over 8 meters should be over 110 cm.

When using an aluminum alloy working platform, hold a hand in one hand and hold the rope up and down in one hand. When it rises to a suitable height, after ensuring that the lifting pin is jammed, the fixed block at the bottom of the upper ladder is broken off and fixed. Then the lifting rope is tied up, and the ladder is opened to the right width. Then it rises gently when it rises or falls.

If we want to reduce the height of the aluminum alloy working platform, we only need to close the two sides closer to it, then untie the fixed rope, and raise the ladder to a certain point, so that the retaining clip is away from the step surface and then slowly down. When the platform in the lifting or moving platform, forbidden to stand, in order to avoid danger.

On both sides of Aluminum Alloy working platform with two movable lifting and fixing device, when moving to gather them, and they will be lifting work when you open to the appropriate width after locked to fix; in addition, it is also a universal locking castors, work please lock the casters, unlock that can move freely.

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