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What are the general requirements for building baskets
Feb 14, 2019

When people are testing the power and energy of the building basket, they should have the capacity of overloading the rated weight of 50%_25%; the construction basket can not exceed 18m/min for the rated speed; in the construction basket Manual downhill devices not only ensure sensitivity, but also the reliability and reliability requirements, and the basket should be guaranteed to be within the specified range.


Safety and protection in the construction basket must ensure proper operation and operation; all relevant components must be properly protected against corrosion. The platform of the construction basket descends to the ground. After the wire rope is pushed out from the promotion machine and the safety lock, the total power supply is blocked, the supporting hanging parts are removed, and the disassembled parts are not placed on the edge of the building, and measures to prevent falling are effectively taken. Scattered items need to be prevented in the container.


Do not throw any parts of the construction basket from the roof. In the disassembly procedure, park the suspension platform on a flat and solid ground. Before the disassembly, the basket should be fully inspected. Then record the condition of the basket and start down. Button to pull the wire rope out of the

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