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What are the installation specifications of steel hanging scaffolding roof structure?
Aug 02, 2018

What needs to be emphasized is the installation of steel hanging scaffolding roof structure and the preparation before operation. After unpacking, the number of steel hanging scaffolding components should be counted according to the shipping list in the packing box.Check all parts for damage, deformation and other abnormal conditions.


If everything is normal, the installation and commissioning of steel hanging scaffolding suspension mechanism shall be started. The insert rod shall be inserted into the front bracket sleeve of the triangle. According to the height of the parapet wall, the height of the plug rod shall be adjusted within the range of 1.15-1.75 meters, with the bolt to complete front seat mounting.


Insert the plunger into the rear bracket. The height of the rod is equal to that of the front bracket. Bolt it to complete the backseat installation.Put the front beam and the back beam into the front and back bracket respectively, connect the front beam and the back beam with the middle beam, and select the front beam's overhang according to the field situation. The distance between the front and rear supports should be put to the maximum.And you shuould place the upper support on the rod sleeve of the front sea. The small connecting sleeve is placed on the rod sleeve of the rear bracket, which is bolted and assembled by the bracket.


It should be noted that the suspension mechanism must satisfy anti-overturning whether it is the installation or displacement of steel hanging scaffolding.In addition, the extension length of the front beam is usually 1.1-1.3 meters, and the maximum extension amount should not exceed 1.7 meters. If the extension length of the front beam is greater than 1.3 meters due to the construction needs, corresponding safety measures must be taken to reduce the working load or increase the weight distribution accordingly, so as to ensure the anti-overturning safety coefficient is not higher than 2.


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