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What are the preparations for the installation of the steel suspended platform front beam?
Sep 27, 2018

When installing the steel suspended platform front beam, we should make the installation equipment. According to the number of front beams used in the steel basket, the scheduling and scheduling should be based on the actual situation; to improve the installation speed of the front beam, the faster the installation speed, the smaller the work intensity of the workers moving the front beam into the building. In the handling process, you can use equipment such as elevators. 


In the beam surface where the front beam is used, there is no need to embedded parts, only basic flattening conditions are required, and after the finished product is finished, the wooden board is used for strengthening protection. The steel suspended platform is driven by two wire rope loads in the hoist at both ends to the boom of the two beams, that is, the force point of the basket. Since two people work at one end, the eccentric load will be caused, and the wire rope must be absolutely strong enough to have safe performance. 


After the front beam is transported to the installation site, it needs to be transported to the top roof of the building. The height of the front beam should be set according to the height of the site construction, and the sleepers should be placed. Fix the parts of the front beam with the screws and the basket. After the front beam is installed, it must be inspected by professional personnel to ensure that the front beam is installed correctly and safely and securely before the steel suspended platform can be constructed.

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