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What is an electric wire rope suspension platform? What are the controls on the installation conditions?
Jun 04, 2018

What is an electric wire rope suspension platform?


Electric wire rope suspension platforms are all assembled platforms. The assembled platform consists of front railings, rear railings, underframes, and mounting brackets. Each part is bolted. The standard section length is 2.5 meters or 2 meters; the electric steel wire rope suspension platform is made of steel (aluminum) and so on. The floor has anti-skid ripple. The mounting bracket is made of welded steel pipes. The casters can be installed at the bottom to facilitate disassembly and movement during operation.


The front rail and the rear rail of the platform are all welded by steel (aluminum) tubes. The height of the front rail is 970mm and it is installed on the side of the working area. The height of the rear rail is 1120mm.


When the electric wire rope suspension platform is actually installed, the flat floor is selected as the mounting surface. After that, the mat will be laid flat above 200mm, aligned at the butt joints of the basic sections, and the baskets will be placed. The low basket will be placed on the side of the working surface and bolted to ensure that the entire platform is flat. After that, the hoist should be installed at both ends of the side basket. When installing, you should pay attention to the safety lock bracket toward the outside of the platform. After the assembly, you should tighten all the bolts evenly.


Condition control when installing the electric wire rope suspension platform:


When the electric wire rope suspension platform is being carried out, it is necessary to first understand the structural load-bearing capacity of the house and check whether the load bearing capacity of the standard suspension bracket on the roof satisfies the requirements. For wall clamp brackets and fixed suspension brackets which are  installed on the daughter's wall , or special suspension brackets, you should carry out the check calculation of the basic support structure;


The installation of the electric wire rope suspension platform refers to the things that before installation of the wall pliers bracket, the fixed suspension bracket or the non-standard suspension bracket, it is necessary to confirm whether the foundation of the special suspension bracket for the basket, the structural load-bearing capacity, the embedded parts and anchorages are in conformity with the special construction plan for installing and dismantling the high-rise basket, according to the basic acceptance conditions of the basket, the concealed project acceptance and the concrete strength report .

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