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What is the electronic control box? What are the criteria for testing?
Feb 26, 2018

The electric control box is containing one or more low voltage switchgear and related control, measurement, signal or protection, regulation and other related equipment, then, it is composed of electric cabinet equipment manufacturers responsible for assembling together with complete structure components. If the wiring of its sensor is in the prone position, the hose should be used as protection, and the hose should be set at the root of the inductor as much as possible.

Standard electronic control box during the test time, the first point, just outside the wiring should adopt appropriate methods to protect the more common, there is steel pipe hose, etc.. And the wiring should pay attention not to damage the machine take place; the connection between the outer machine or power line must pay attention to in the bridge, the bridge base for support, can not touch the ground.

The electric control box test, the outer pipe should be unified on the connection of the heating equipment anyway; the packaging machine, wiring can not be located near the heating part of the place. In connection with the wiring terminal box, glass, ceramic heater connection wire, can not use flammable wire; out of all electrical connections must be in the connection box, can not line the middle joint.

The electric control box test for connection box plate (all relay box) and the wire entrance Department protection level must be in IP55 above; one terminal of the relay terminal connected together at most two wires, when more than 3 must be installed with other terminals.

The electric control box test for the sensor wiring if when easily knocked the site, must be used as protective hose, hose should be set to the sensor base; electronic control box test on its outer wiring should be to pay attention to the use of appropriate methods of protection, the more common means hose steel tube, etc.. And the wiring should go where the machine is not easy to damage.

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