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What is the purpose of the electric hanging basket
Sep 25, 2017

At present, there are many construction sites all over the country.
In the exterior wall decoration of high-rise buildings, plaster, brick, glass curtain wall, paint coating, cleaning, maintenance process all use electric lifting basket.
In old building renovation, vertical transportation, high billboard production, installation, ship building, such as external hull repair of aerial work to use the same electric basket, using electric basket can shorten the construction period, save money, reduce labor intensity, work efficiency.
However, the current electric hoisting basket only considers the need for construction but fails to consider the labor environment of the construction workers. The workers are exposed to the construction of the electric suspended basket and the environment is extremely poor.
Especially in the summer, the electric hanging basket in the construction of the construction, direct sunlight, the workers sweat like rain, easy to heat stroke;
In winter, the construction of the back of the building, the wind and the bones, the body rigid, the work efficiency drops.
In order to overcome the defects of existing electric basket, provide a kind of electric basket with cover plate can be sun, wind, rain, improve labor environment, in order to better meet the needs of the construction engineering construction.
Main features of the electric hanging basket used to cover the plate:
Fixed bar is a metal pipe at 100 mm from the upper solid by inverted u-shaped card ring, from the top 30 mm side open place with an internal thread hole, the bolt screwing in T, near the bottom suit an inverted u-shaped slide card ring, 30 mm from the bottom side open place with a through hole, screwing in a bolt;
The support rod is a metal circular tube with an outer diameter smaller than the internal diameter of the fixed rod inserted into the fixed bar, and the upper end is fixed with a tongue-shaped joint block with a pass hole, which is a rectangle.
In the center of the geometric center and the long side vertical line, there are grooved joint blocks with perforated holes, grooved joint blocks and reinforcement reinforcement, reinforcing bars and blocking plates.
The tongue type of the support rod is inserted into the buttonhole joint after the slot type connecting block of the occlusion piece is inserted, and the butterfly nut is fitted with the bolt.

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