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What is the role of the wire rope of a construction lift?
Dec 10, 2018

The role of wire ropes in construction lifts is to hang and lift. There are also many types of wire ropes on the market. Which one is more suitable for construction lift? The phosphating coated steel wire rope is obtained by phosphating with manganese or zinc manganese. The wear resistance and rust resistance of the steel wire are fully jumped. It can be used in the construction elevator instead of the zinc plated galvanized steel wire rope.


Galvanized steel wire rope is also a commonly used accessory in construction elevators, including hot-dip galvanizing and electro-galvanizing. The zinc-plated hot-dip galvanized steel wire is thicker. The thicker the zinc layer, the stronger the corrosion resistance. Electroplated zinc is thinner. Because the phosphating coating has certain anti-corrosion properties, the manganese-based phosphating coated steel wire rope can be used to replace some varieties of thin zinc-plated galvanized steel wire ropes, such as a high temperature environment with atmospheric environment but humid air.


Some building hoists use stainless steel wire ropes, such as 304 or 316 stainless steel, which have higher corrosion resistance than hot-dip galvanized carbon steel wire ropes, and manganese-based phosphating coatings on stainless steel wire, which can also greatly extend the service 

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