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What is the special shaped bridge hanging basket?
Dec 28, 2018

The bridge hanging basket is a new type of high-altitude working equipment that can be reused. It can replace the traditional scaffolding, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency, mainly used in the external construction, maintenance and cleaning of bridges. However, in some engineering projects, the standard bridge hanging basket can not meet the construction requirements, and it is necessary to design a special shaped bridge hanging basket.


The bridge hanging basket comprises a lower basket body, a middle basket body, an upper basket body, a reinforcing wire rope, a track diagonal strut, a track trolley and a single chair hanging head. The upper basket is suspended on one side of the bridge, and the middle basket is fixed on the upper basket body, and a stable triangular structure is formed by reinforcing the steel wire rope and the track diagonal strut to the middle and upper baskets; the lower basket is fixed in the middle basket. In the body, the single chair hanger is fixed on the lower basket.


It is this unique structural design that allows the bridge basket to maintain a parallel distance from the angled slope of the bridge box girder, so that it can be applied to the inspection and maintenance of the lower part of the bridge with a chamfered slope. It has the characteristics of light weight, flexibility and reliability. Good meets some special

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