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What kind of performance is the performance of an electric U - shaped hanging basket
Mar 13, 2018

The use of electric U shaped basket in the main role of our country in the wall, the main function of electric U shaped basket at this time to play that can lead to more rapid and effective operation effect, and for us, to avoid some high-altitude operation difficulty, if used before high wall construction operations in electric U the basket is a particularly good choice.

The electric U hanging basket has unique structure, and it is more convenient to use and install. The hanging basket is controlled by electric motor, and the operation efficiency is greatly improved. The basket is equipped with a strong safety rope, with a high safety factor and a more suitable platform for complex construction sites. And the advantages of the electric U - shaped hanging basket are also the most concerned in the above industry.

The special performance of electric and U shaped basket in the application site, found in the basket galvanized loosen when need to deal with that in the process of using the basket, it not because of some reason, the relevant part of the loose phenomenon, if that is the question should be processed in a timely manner.Avoid unnecessary accidents when the basket is in use. Before installing the equipment, the first thing to check is whether the hoist basket dedicated hoist is normal when it is empty.

The construction of building curtain wall with a height of 50 meters or above is powered by electric U hanging basket. The installation or demolition scheme of the construction electric basket should be incorporated into the curtain wall installation project. After that, experts should be demonstrated before it can be implemented.

Electric U shaped basket in the actual use, for the construction of electric U shaped basket requirements are not the same, some are in high altitude operation, the height is high, and some is some compliance process and so on, the U for the electric whole shape hanging basket compound requirements will become increasingly high, it is because of this, U is the electric basket will have multiple job requirements.

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