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Which links should be controlled in the work of the suspension platform
Jan 23, 2019

As we all know, the construction plan is a prerequisite for smooth construction and is essential. In the program, there should be selection of suspension platform equipment, precautions for installation, precautions for operation, and precautions for removal. There are also detailed configuration arrangements. To grasp the pertinence and feasibility of the program, it is necessary to select the characteristics of the project, that is, to meet the construction requirements, and to ensure safety, as far as possible, the suspension platform covers the entire working surface, leaving no dead ends.


At the same time, it is necessary to control the approach of the suspension platform, and it must be consistent with the plan and all kinds of accessories are complete and effective. It is also necessary to strictly review the entry list of materials, carefully check them out, and compare them one by one. They can not be mixed between different models, and can not be filled with small generations and shoddy.


Under normal circumstances, the suspension platform enters the construction site in the form of loose parts. It is important to monitor whether each suspension platform is correctly assembled and installed according to the plan. It must be assembled firmly, the components are complete, and the place to be placed is safe and reliable. After the suspension platform is installed, it is necessary to conduct joint acceptance in time. Focus on the installation position of the platform, the assembly of the structure, the weight, safety rope, safety lock, flexible installation of the electrical device, the platform should not be obstructed.


It is necessary to designate a full-time electrician to inspect the electrical system of the floating platform before going to work every day. The safety personnel check the weights, safety ropes, safety locks, and confirm the correct operation before going to work. There must be a special inspection tour during the operation. If there are conditions, the place can be closed, and everyone except the inspection maintenance personnel will be

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