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Widely application of aluminium suspended platform !
May 25, 2018

With electric motor driving, aluminium suspended platform or aluminium work platform is capable of certain weight for labour freely working on it. Don’t worry about the workers’ safety, adjustable length steel wire rope connected from hanging platform to the top building suspension mechanism ensure suspended platform’s security under construction operation.Now, suspended platform is rather popular in maintenance of floating dock and medium sized boat. As supplementary equipment working platform, aluminium suspended platform is also highly used for repair and maintenance in high-rise ship and large machinery.


Aluminium platform serve for construction operation


Together with detecting instrument and professional technical machine, suspended platform application will bring us to explore each corner of the world; exploit every resource on the earth;better clean up the environment as our further expectation. Stepping into better service as supplier of aluminium suspended platform, HANJIE will continually working hard to achieve growing accepted user experience !

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