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Wuxi hanjie Customized Electric hanging scaffolding Suspension Mechanism
May 26, 2018

Different types of movable suspension mechanism produced by WUXI HANJIE for counterweight carried to another position easily.


Suspension mechanism, which consists of two same suspension devices in pairs, is stalled on the top of the building for suspending platform by wire ropes.

Suspension mechanism includes following components: front support, rear support, adjustable support, upper support, front beam, mid beam, rear beam, reinforcing rope and beam. Distance between the front and rear supports can be adjusted (adjustable length is 3~4M, and adjustable interval is 0.2M) by changing the hole position for the connecting bolts. The front and rear beams are respectively installed on the front and rear supports via adjustable support, and the beam height can be adjusted(adjustable height is 1.3 ~ 1.7M, and adjustable interval is 0.1M) by changing the hole position for the connecting bolts of the adjustable support and the front and rear supports.


Rope-pulling sub-assemblies are connected to the ends of the front and rear beams through upper support via rigging screws and connecting sleeves. And fastening the rigging screws can tension the wire ropes to improve stiffness of the whole suspension support.

Type 1: Standard Normal Style for Electric hanging scaffolding


Type 2:  castor wheel fixed on bottom for Electric hanging scaffolding 



Type 3: Adjustable jack base on rear and  front support for Electric hanging scaffolding 



Type 4: Movable base holder with castor wheels counterweight for Electric hanging scaffolding .


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