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A Brief Instructions Of The Safe Operation For The Window Cleaning Scaffolding
Dec 15, 2017

In the construction field,Actually mobile scaffolding including window cleaning scaffolding is an essential safe construction equipment, based on this point,this is obviously very important for the construction workers, Before operate window cleaning scaffolding,do remember to completely understand the relevant engineering construction specification about mobile scaffolding including window cleaning scaffolding.


At first, the safe operation of window clean scaffolding is most important, should pay attention to note that as a qualified installation personnel, staffs will be assessed by the national security technology organization,master the appropriate professional qualifications, and also necessary knowledge  and full understanding of emergency treatment against the accident.


Secondly,in the application of window cleaning scaffolding operation and construction, the minimum gap between two adjacent working platform installation should be more than 0.5 meters, each working platform length should not exceed 7.5 meters, if extended use, must be approved by the manufacturer and the window clean scaffolding maintenance personnel verification, and security measures. In case of remaking the window clean scaffolding at work site, the manufacturer and the company's window clean scaffolding maintenance staff must agree to approve and have safe protection solutions.



Of course, when the window cleaning scaffolding is being applied, the suspension platform should be kept upright in the lifting operation, and the steel wire rope should not be bent, plucked and adhered to mortar debris. Safety braking or cleaning work is forbidden during operation.


The mobile scaffolding including the window cleaning scaffolding application shall be carried out with above operating constructions of the scaffolding,In addition,the maintenance window cleaning scaffolding should be regularly to do, in other words,shall regularly check on the window cleaning scaffolding,inspect surface finish appearance,hoist, electric control box,steel wire rope, etc. the specific requirements of the situation, at least one time per six months.